Linda Ronstadt on the Arts & Refugees

by Nick Sodano

We saw Linda Ronstadt in West Chester PA recently. She doesn’t sing anymore, but I wanted to post 2 of her comments which fit the subject matter of this page.

Firstly, when asked which musical heroes she modeled herself after, she commented that music was just a part of her family life, and it breaks her heart that schools drop the arts so quickly when it should be a part of everyone’s life, and could really make a critical difference in the lives of some children. That seems so true to me.

And secondly, when asked about her Mexican heritage and whether she tried to Anglicize her name, she said no… that’s just her name but she thinks it’s a tragedy how we are treating these refugees and immigrants who showed so much ingenuity and drive to get here or contribute here… they seem like people we should want to keep, not drive out. Linda Ronstadt rocks.

Nick Sodano lives in the NJ 3rd Congressional District.  This piece was originally posted to a grassroots group he admins, Our Revolution Burlington County Committee Caucus.  Nick is currently driving a project to fill the Democratic Party seat vacancies in Burlington & Ocean County.  If you’re interested, you can contact Nick through his group.