No Bogeyman, A Poem for Donald Trump

By Ruth Schmid

Dear President Trump,

There is no bogeyman under the bed.

There are no bogeymen hiding in refugees trying to find a better life.

There are no bogeymen walking 60 hours through desert heat to cross into America.

There are no bogeymen escaping from Syria and other tortured countries hoping to find a peaceful life in the US.

There are no bogeymen kissing your “ring” while they hope you do not take away their “Obamacare.”

There are no bogeymen “of a certain” age who are hoping you do not take away their Medicare or their Social Security.

There are no bogeymen in Native Americans who are fighting for clean water and untarnished lands.

There are no bogeymen in children hoping to learn as much as they can despite environmental barriers.

There are no bogeymen in the reporters who tell us the truth about your tweets and your ranting statements of alternative truths.

There are no bogeymen in people around the world who look to American for honest declarations of human rights, who strive to make their democracies work as well as ours does, and who hope for leadership as strong, as intelligent, and as caring as ours has been.

There is no bogeyman under your bed, Mr. President.

Ruth Schmid, a “78 year old Jersey gal” wrote this poem and read it at a rally in Toms River earlier this year.  Ruth was born in AC, lived in Ventnor and Margate, vacationed on LBI, Wildwood, and Seaside Park while raising  kids in Bergen County, retired to Island Heights and now lives in a Senior Village in Mount Laurel.