Why MacArthur Should Care About Cinnaminson

Because it’s “Republican Canary”.

Cinnaminson Democrats met here tonight for the first time in a very long time. 6 newcomers wanted to know how the energy they feel in the Resistance community can be summoned from their town.

One woman was raised in a family of Democratic leadership with deep ties in the party. Her husband seemed to know the details of every government misfeasance in town. Another woman has strong ties with online community and technical chops that got the group on the net in minutes. Still another and her husband wanted to know how to identify kindred political allies in town. And one woman closely questioned local political process and group dynamics.
Existing committee attendees included the current Chair and the current Treasurer who seemed happy to be in the company again of Dems from their home town. A special guest said he would be happy to share his unparalleled knowledge of the community for recruitment.

So, we have liaison with the party and its history, a journalist who can uncover issues for local elections, an IT department, a recruiting department, two administrators and a treasurer.

THAT’S the story in Cinnaminson on day 1 of its political come back. A really good team that will eventually flip turnout in this town and mess up Tom MacArthur’s local numbers.

Watch out local Republicans, Cinnaminson is changing.


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