Constituents Fund Anti-MacArthur Billboard

Rep Tom MacArthur NJ Sell Out
Congressman MacArthur – You Sold Us Out! You’re FIRED! November 6th, 2018


Burlington County, New Jersey – May 18, 2017

Constituents of Congressman Tom MacArthur, from New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, funded a billboard on a major interstate highway to express their displeasure with their Representative and to portend the results of the 2018 mid-term elections.

This comes on the heels of a highly contentious and nationally publicized 5-hour Town Hall meeting held on May 10, during which Rep. MacArthur tried to defend the American Healthcare Act of 2017 (AHCA) and his role in reviving the bill with The MacArthur Amendment.

“TrumpCare isn’t a healthcare plan at all. It’s a tax cut for the wealthy, cutting $600 billion in taxes for the upper 2%, and paying for that by removing healthcare from millions of Americans,” said Lisa Cenneno, co-leader of the 3rd Congressional District Action Group, a grassroots organization with over 1000 members that helped to launch the billboard. “The MacArthur Amendment goes further, removing protections for pre-existing conditions for virtually all Americans, depending upon their circumstances. Tom MacArthur sold the people of the 3rd out in order to gain national notoriety.”

Debra Lonsdale, a candidate for County Freeholder in Cherry Hill, NJ, conceived this idea and worked with local citizens’ groups for funding and help with implementation. “The ‘Fire Congressman MacArthur Billboard Campaign’ is a project I initiated with the goal of uniting likeminded people throughout the South Jersey region,” said Lonsdale. “It’s meant to send a very clear message to Congressman MacArthur, and any other politician who puts their pocketbook ahead of their constituents, that we are coming for their job in 2018.”

The billboard is located on the southbound side of I-295 at Exit 45 (Westampton, NJ). Plans are in the works to place another billboard in Ocean County, NJ.