So Now Everybody Knows Tom MacArthur Is No Moderate

About time.  The people of the 3rd have been saying this over and over and over again.  Tom MacArthur is not a moderate.  Tom MacArthur is not a centrist.   He likes to “play one on TV” but when it comes to acting, he’s completely comfortable throwing in with the Freedom Caucus at the expense of all of us.

Anyway, onto the news.

 Tuesday Group chair MacArthur resigns amid health deal fallout

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) resigned as co-chairman of the moderate Tuesday Group amid a revolt among members over his role in crafting a compromise with conservatives to save the GOP’s healthcare bill.

His resignation on Tuesday came weeks after The Hill reported some GOP colleagues were trying to oust him for cutting a deal on the ObamaCare replacement bill with the far-right Freedom Caucus.

Some of MacArthur’s colleagues had been quietly pressuring him behind the scenes to step down, while others said they were so upset with him that they had stopped speaking with him entirely.

Read the rest of the article at The Hill.

We’re looking forward to never reading “moderate Tom MacArthur” or “centrist Tom MacArthur” again.   The label on the tin should match what is inside.