Follow the Money on Tom MacArthur’s Sell Out of NJ 3rd

Today’s Headline from the Daily Beast. 


Pro-Trumpcare Republicans Owned Millions in Health-Care Stock

Among the influential members with significant investments is Rep. Thomas MacArthur of New Jersey, who held between $834,000 and $2.3 million in health-care company investments in 2015. MacArthur made between $142,000 and $472,000 in capital gains and dividends on those investments, according to his disclosure forms.

MacArthur authored an amendment to the AHCA that allows insurance companies to deny coverage to some people with pre-existing conditions. The amendment won over critical support from the right-wing Freedom Caucus, allowing the bill to narrowly pass the House. MacArthur ranks seventh among the 40 AHCA supporters who owned the most health-care stock.

If there was anybody left looking for additional reasons why Tom MacArthur would sell out the people of NJ 3rd on healthcare, there’s a few hundred thousand.

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