Unaffiliated? You Can Still Vote in NJ Primary!

         Unaffiliated voters can declare at the polling place!

In New Jersey’s primary elections, you can vote only in one party’s (Democratic or Republican) primary.  You must declare yourself a member of that party in order to vote.  While changing your party from Democrat to Republican or Republican to Democrat must be done 55 days before the primary, if you’re currently registered as unaffiliated , you’re not too late to take part!  If you want to vote in the NJ primary on June 6, 2017, you can declare your affiliation right at the polls.

Declaring your affiliation at the polls is as easy as voting.  Tell a poll worker what you need to do and he or she will take care of you right away.

Changing your affiliation back after the election is pretty easy too.   Just print this form,  and mail to your county election commissioner or deliver to your municipal clerk.  See: League of Women Voters of New Jersey for more information.

Update from an experienced commenter:   I’ve been unaffiliated my whole life and done this many times. If a poll worker tries to tell you that you can’t vote, insist on speaking with someone else. I even had to go to City Hall one time to prove my point. Usually it’s very easy, but stand your ground if you are challenged.

VOTING PROBLEMS?        1-800-792-VOTE (8683)