About Tom MacArthur

Tom MacArthur currently represents New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district. He supported Donald Trump for President and has so far agreed with and supported Donald Trump’s administration on most issues.

Previously the mayor of Randolph, NJ, Tom MacArthur is the richest member of the NJ congressional delegation and one of the wealthiest members of congress. According to OpenSecrets.org, his net worth is $52,903,453. You can find a list of his assets and the companies he is personally invested in here.

Tom MacArthur was the only New Jersey member of Congress who committed to vote YES on the failed and unpopular AHCA or “Trumpcare”, despite the thousands of constituent pleas for him to vote NO.  While not in line with the will or best interests of the people of 3rd, this position was in line with MacArthur’s nearly 100% support of Donald Trump’s agenda.

In early 2017, MacArthur was proud to co-sponsor “The National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act” which will override the State of NJ’s own gun laws and force NJ to allow conceal carry to anyone who has a conceal carry permit from any other state.  MacArthur is the only NJ congressional representative to sponsor this bill.

In March 2017, Tom MacArthur voted against internet privacy protections for the NJ 3rd constituents.  He voted to repeal rules that protect individual internet privacy and voted for ISP’s being able to sell consumer search information without permission. Tom MacArthur received $19,000 in telecom or telecom related campaign contributions according to www.followthemoney.org.


You can track Tom MacArthur’s voting record here.

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