The NJ3rd Congressional District Action Group website’s core purpose is to be an amplification for the voices of individuals who live in the NJrd.   Your submissions are solicited!

Here are our guidelines:

  1. You must live in the NJ 3rd.
  2. Your submission should be written from a personal POV and accepted submission subject matter will be in line with the mission of our group.
  3. Whether your name is published with your piece is entirely up to you.  All submitters are known to us and verified to live in the NJ 3rd, but publication can be 100% anonymous if desired.  Please let us know any desired credits or link backs.
  4. We strive to operate under the Michelle Obama Standard for tone and grace.  While this high standard is not always 100% achievable, please consider your approach, language and phrasing within that framework.

To submit, Join Us and further instructions await.  Submitting is easy!