The NJ 3rd Congressional District Action Group is working for change. We’re dedicated to resisting and persisting, which means our members are involved in advocating for the best for our families, communities and the USA at large. We advocate for social justice, healthcare, education, the environment, women’s issues, veteran’s issues, the elderly, free speech, and free and equal treatment for all.

Our main focus of advocacy is the area we can impact directly — our Congressional Representative and our Senators. Our eye is on what happens next week and also on what happens in  the 2018 election. We are determined that our country and our country’s values will stay standing. There is no battle too big or too small; we will persist. America IS great and our work is to protect America from current serious threats.

Do you want change? Are you persistent? If you live in the  NJ 3rd congressional district, join us on Facebook or email us directly.